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Newton, Needham, Watertown, Wellesley


Founder & Principal Consultant, Equity & Expectations, LLC

Patrick is the owner of Equity & Expectations, a consulting firm that does anti-racism training and awareness building; the founder of Natick Families of Color; and a founding board member of Natick is United, three organizations focused on building an anti-racist community. For over 15 years, Patrick has kept issues of diversity, equity and inclusion forefront in the organizations with whom she consults, leads, teaches, inspires, and plans in interconnected ways through community experiences, boards, leadership roles and professional work.


She trains all new teachers in the Natick Public Schools on matters of diversity, equity and teaching. This summer, she organized and co-moderated a conversation with the Natick’s police department, public schools, and select board to respond to the murder of George Floyd. In August, she led a community-wide dialogue “Kids, Race and Racism, Where to Start?” with over 1,200 people registered. Through her volunteer work throughout MetroWest, Patrick brings essential new vocabulary, perspectives, and methods to the work of creating a more inclusive, fair, and diverse community.