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Founder & Owner, Craft Food Halls

Desrouleaux brings over 15 years of restaurant experience to the Craft Food Hall Project, a 6-location food concept, with operations in both Waltham and Wellesley, focused on evoking culinary innovation to New England food halls. Starting as a host for a prominent restaurant group, Desrouleaux came face to face with his passion and calling.


His love for people and his desire to know all aspects of his surroundings led to recognition from his peers and mentors as a respected restaurant professional. Desrouleaux currently sits on the Waltham and Lexington Chamber of Commerce boards as well as the Lexington Tourism Committee. He is a leader in the hospitality industry by advocating for better working environments, financial knowledge, and transparent communication for members of the service industry.

Gardy Desrouleaux Headshot
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