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Newton, Needham, Watertown, Wellesley

About the Chamber

Why we exist:

Our mission is to champion our communities' economic and cultural vitality through education, advocacy and networking.

Who we are:

The Charles River Regional Chamber (formerly the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) organization funded by memberships, sponsorships, programming revenue and advertising. Our members represent everything from multigenerational family businesses and multinational companies to start-ups, educational institutions and other nonprofits. They’re based in village and town centers, commercial districts, office parks and home offices throughout Newton, Needham, Watertown and Wellesley. They come from other communities too, choosing to belong to this chamber because they see opportunities here.

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Who we are not: 

We are not affiliated with any other chamber of commerce, nationally or locally.

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What we do: 

We help our members increase sales, forge partnerships, swap ideas, promote endeavors and recruit talent through a varied menu of large and small networking events and specialized programs.

We offer educational seminars, hands-on workshops and guest speaker programs presented by both nationally renowned experts, elected and appointed officials and fellow members on topics designed to help navigate the economy, workplace trends and challenges, technology, changing regulations, social media and marketing.

Finally, we are the voice of the business and nonprofit communities. We’re committed to championing the economic and civic benefits of shopping, dining, banking and giving locally. We are here to create opportunities and advocate for our region’s well-being and growth at municipal, state and regional levels.

How we can help: 

We’re here to help your business, your nonprofit, your colleagues and our region thrive. We’re here to help you make connections and find solutions. We’re here to help you tell your story. We’re here to support our communities' economic and cultural vitality.

The Charles River Regional Chamber is the voice for businesses and nonprofits in  Boston's inner western suburbs.

About our initiatives
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When we began:

We’ve been proudly providing leadership, support and advocacy for Newton since 1915, Needham since 1969, Watertown since 2018 and Wellesley since 2021. In August 2021, we changed our name from the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber to the Charles River Regional Chamber to be more inclusive of our members across Boston's inner western suburbs.

Why Charles River? 

The Charles River flows through our communities. It connects Newton, Needham, Watertown and Wellesley. It also links us to Boston, the economic engine that drives our overall economy and competitiveness.

Sudbury Department, Sudbury Aqueduct, Charles River, looking downstream towards Echo Bridge, showing mill, Newton; Wellesley, Mass., Jul. 1, 1920
Charles River Watertown

The industrial revolution that transformed Massachusetts in the 19th century grew up along our river banks, just as innovation in the life sciences and technology is taking place today, sometimes even in those same lovingly-restored or replicated mill buildings.

The Charles is a barometer that will foretell our future:  Climate change, droughts, flooding and other urgent challenges are our shared responsibility. So is the need to make our Charles River communities equitable and welcoming. Our economic and cultural vitality depends on it.

Our mission is to champion our communities' economic and cultural vitality through advocacy, education and networking.

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