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Green Bank Checklist
In many of our communities, buildings are the single largest source of the gases that cause climate change. Use this Green Bank Checklist to slow climate change and benefit your customers.
  1. Offer interest-free home energy-improvement loans through MassSave. In Middlesex County alone, 67 banks and credit unions already offer these loans.
  2. Educate your customers about green loan opportunities through all your marketing channels. See Eastern Bank and Charles River Bank as examples.
  3. Provide energy-efficiency workshops for your employees.
  4. Make climate action a focus of your volunteerism and philanthropy.
  5. Engage directly with city/municipal and state partners to support local and state opportunities and requirements for electrification in new buildings and major renovations.
  6. Educate your customers—homeowners, architects, and contractors—about opportunities and requirements. Become a source of expertise to customers seeking to build or renovate their properties by sharing information about state and federal requirements and loan opportunities.
  7. Measure, disclose, and reduce your investment in fossil fuels (for banks with such investments)
  8. Encourage banking trade associations such as the Massachusetts Bankers Association to support the role of community banks in the climate transition.

Download PDF of this checklist here

The Charles River Chamber Environment Committee looks forward to recognizing the growing list of green banks in our communities. Contact us at