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Membership Rates

Membership in the chamber is at the corporate level and covers all local employees. Rates are based on your organization’s type and size – with special discounted rates for small nonprofits, sole proprietors and small retail/restaurants.

If you are not affiliated with a business or nonprofit, but want to support our programming and advocacy at the individual level, consider becoming a citizen member.

If you have questions about your dues level or membership benefits reach our to our membership team via email or call 617-244-5300

Your Membership Investment

General Business

Covers all employees, dues based on full time employee count

2 - 10 Full Time Employees: $345 annually (or monthly payments of $29)

11-20 Full Time Employees: $395 annually (or monthly payments of $33)

20+ Full Time Employees: $395 annually + $5 for each additional employee over 20

Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Health Plans, HMOs, Senior Living, Grocery Stores, Golf Clubs, Commercial Property Owners & Shopping Centers: $500 flat annual rate covers all employees. *Commercial property and shopping center tenants not covered in membership.

Sole Proprietor

Citizen Membership

Citizen Members ($95/annually) are individuals who are not directly affiliated with a business or nonprofit organization but share our mission; and would like to receive member-discounted pricing on our webinars and marquee events. Need to Knows updates with the latest business news and other communications from the chamber are also included in citizen memberships. Learn more.