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Founder & CEO, Afri-root Collective

Ugandan-born and raised, Nakandi is the founder and CEO of Afri-root Collective, a socially responsible business that sells unique handicrafts made by female African artisans from sustainable materials. Afri-root Collective trains women in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda by teaching them handicraft-making skills using sustainably sourced materials. Afri-root Collective distributes its unique products to international markets.


Nakandi is also a co-founder/COO of MeetCaregivers based in Newton, an innovative online marketplace for Senior care that intelligently matches seniors with pre-screened, experienced, and qualified caregivers. MeetCaregivers offers additional services, products, and technology tools for Senior care. Nakandi is also on the board of directors for Women Thriving, Inc., a Brookline-based organization.

Rita Nakandi Headshot
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